Old time music and culture festival in the heart of Kokee State Park


Kachi Kachi music is a Puerto Rican/Hawaiian fusion that began with the immigration of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii at the turn of the 20th Century. While very latin, it has developed a ‘Hawaianness’ that sets it apart from other styles of dance music in Puerto Rico. Los Kauaianos are the most unique kachi kachi band on all of the islands. We are all excited to learn more about the history and method of playing kachi kachi at the Kauai Old Time Gathering! You. Will. Dance. Your. Feet. Off.




Old Time Stringband music predates bluegrass music by hundreds of years….and the Foghorn Stringband performs Old Time Stringband music with a youthful energy and showmanship that has left audiences worldwide breathless from dancing and singing along. In addition to performing at the Kauai Old Time Gathering, Foghorn Stringband’s members will be teaching workshops in fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bass, and harmony singing.




“Two Cajuns and an Old Time Stringband walk into a bar…” Jesse Lege’s accolades as one of the living legends of Cajun music from Southern Louisiana are too many to list here. Jesse’s musical partner, multiple Grammy nominee and winner, Joel Savoy will be in tow for their performance at the Kauai Old Time Gathering. His band, the Cajun Country Revival, is the most well-traveled Cajun dance band in the world. There will be dancing. And much of it. Joel and Jesse will also be teaching workshops in Cajun fiddle and Cajun button accordion. Bring your own accordion.




Born and raised on the island of Kaua’i, Nick Castillo is well-known for his Hawaiian falsetto or better known as Leo Ki’eki’e.  Winning his first falsetto competition in 1996, he has continued to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and this art of singing by releasing two solo CDs. Nick has traveled extensively within the United States and abroad, sharing Aloha through his voice. He is truly an ambassador for the island of Kaua’i.


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America’s preeminent old-fashioned show band. Stage props, virtuosity beyond belief, jaw-dropping talent, and feats of showpersonship that will leave you speechless….Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings ALWAYS steal the show. And your heart. The band will be teaching workshops in violin, tuned dog toy percussion, bedazzlement of crowns, and the difference between jam and jelly.


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Kumu Nakana Wong is a longstanding pillar and resource in the Hawaiian and traditional music communities of Hawai’i. Fluent in the Hawaiian language and equally versed in the music of Hawai’i and traditional music styles of the continental United States, Nakana possesses the ability to bridge the gaps between these musical traditions in a supportive and educational manner. Beginning his professional music career as the bassist with legendary Hawaiian composers and virtuoso guitarists Dennis Kamakahi and George Kuo, Nakana went on to play with the seminal island bands Kahua, Kupa’aina, The Waimanalo Sunset Band, and The Bluegrass Barnstormers. Currently employed as a Mana Mele music teacher at Jarrett Middle School in Palolo Valley on the island of O'ahu by the Mana Maoli Public Charter School Program, Kumu Nakana draws on his many years as a veteran educator in Hawai'i sharing his deep passion and love of mele with students young and old. 




We are partnering with the Kōkeʻe Resource Conservation Program to offer gathering attendees a special and unique opportunity to learn about Kauaiʻs native ecosystems and help eradicate invasive species. The workshop will take place Friday November 16 8am-noon. Please email us at kauaioldtime@gmail.com with the number and age of everyone in your party to reserve a place for this exciting project. We will start the day off with a short orientation of Kauai ecology and the activities of the KRCP. After that we then head out to the worksite to do invasive weed removal. We could also possibly do outplanting of native plants from our nursery. This is a very special opportunity to give back to our gracious host, one of the most unique environments in the world, Kokee State Park. 



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Ann Savoy is a musician, an author, a record producer, and a photographer. Her most recent recording is the grammy nominated CD of duets with the legendary Linda Ronstadt, “Adieu False Heart” (Vanguard). Also as a musician she appears with her son Joel in the film Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood and performs, under the production of T Bone Burnett, three of the twelve cuts on the accompanying soundtrack on Sony Music. Ann will be performing at this year's Kauai Old Time Gathering as well as giving a presentation on the history of Cajun music.



Grammy Award winning folk and bluegrass superhero, Peter Rowan will be joining the Kauai Old Time Gathering as a performer, jam and workshop leader, and resident zen master.  His recent album “My Aloha” seeks to unite ‘mainland’ folk, country and bluegrass with themes of Hawaiian music and island life.  Usually a headliner at massive festivals worldwide, we are honored to host Mr. Rowan for this year’s event.




Since late 2005 the Bad Penny’s have been crafting their brand of vintage jazz around in New Orleans. At home with entertaining in the street, nightclubs or theaters, the range of a nights music will have an audience laughing, shouting, feeling randy, waxing nostalgic and making puppy dog eyes. Matt Bell plays acoustic chord melody style guitar and sings. Joy Patterson sings, plays her trusty Kazookaphone, finesses the washboard and drags all kinds of noisemakers out of her hat.




Lowbiscus is a string trio based on Oahu.  Guitarist Gabriel Smith, mandolinist Cait Ellis and fiddler Megan Aho have a shared obsession for old-time and folk music, vocal harmonies and sweet/creepy murder ballads.  They also perform as a bluegrass ensemble under the name of High & Lonesome.



Kilin Reece is a musician, luthier and historian living in a town called Kailua located on the green slopes of the island of Oahu's windward side, in the shadow of the Ko'olau mountains. Originally from California he has spent the last 17 years in Hawaii, playing music, building and restoring fine acoustic instruments, and for the last handful of years learning all he can about music of the 19th and early 20th centuries here in Hawaii. He is looking forward to sharing much about what he has learned about Hawaiian string band traditions and how they have shaped the modern American soundscape as we think we know it today.




Bill Alexander, ’The Appalachian Hippie Poet' is traveling from the mountains of East Tennessee to join us for the Kauai Old Time Gathering. His infectious joy, his witty lyricism, and his passion for the old times and the old ways of living are a joy to behold. He will be performing throughout the gathering.



Kauai’s first official Tennessee Country Boy.  Master blacksmith, farrier to the stars, cowboy poet, and part-time preacher….Ted Shanks will be teaching traditional blacksmithing and holding court during poetry and storytelling time at the Kauai Old Time Gathering.

First time ever for Kauai. Traditional Blacksmithing lessons. Anyone interested in Blacksmithing won't want to miss this opportunity to learn basic smithing techniques. Each day will have a series of lessons progressing from building and managing a coal/coke fire to actually making something.

Class one: building and managing a coal fire

Class two: how to swing a hammer

Class three: blacksmithing techniques and tools

Class four: creating a hand forged, one of a kind, something or another

Those attending classes every day will naturally progress farther along. Participants should wear long pants and covered shoes, safety glasses are required.

There will also be Blacksmithing Demonstrations for those who just want to watch.

Ted Shanks has been Blacksmithing professionally for more than 41 years. A member of ABANA (Artists Blacksmithing Association of North America)and owner of Kipu Forge Blacksmith Shop, (kipuforge.com). Ted is also a Certified Journeyman Farrier, a member of the Anvil 21 Club and a Tester for the American Farriers Association

For more information call 808 635 1556



Most in Hawaii know him as the broadcast engineer responsible for building and maintaining nearly every radio and television station in the state.  In his rare off time, Don has won blue ribbons in fiddle competitions and managed to meet and photograph nearly every hero of traditional music on the mainland.  He will be showing photographs, telling stories, and leading jams at the Kauai Old Time Gathering.




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